Making sustainable change for our planet and communities possible.

We know achieving our vision doesn’t just happen overnight but we believe every small change adds up to quantum leaps.

Our commitment to sustainability has been a focus of our ethos from the start. Our vision continues to be making it possible for communities and industries to move to more sustainable futures.  As one of the leaders in eco-friendly solutions, we work with and invest in suppliers, partners, and non-for-profits that have this same focus.  Together, our network is making the earth-friendly choice more accessible for all.

Achieve your sustainability goals with Onyx

  • Access the broadest range and depth in sustainable products
  • Gain insight into market trends and the latest sustainability innovations
  • Support navigating state and government regulations
  • 3rd party validation of the efficacy and certifications of products so there’s no questioning
  • Competitive pricing with exclusive supply partners

Moving Industries to Sustainable Solutions

See how we’ve helped be the bridge for industries to solve their needs today while moving towards more sustainable futures.

A new city initiative required airports to go green. Onyx helped convert hundreds of products in airport concessionaires by sourcing, fulfilling, and training on new green solutions.

Onyx converted the highest moving item for a national chain to a sustainable solution by developing a proprietary substrate and application that was 1:1 for operations but a solution that was better for the environment.

Onyx rolled out sustainable solutions in the breakroom at 100 corporate offices nationwide to improve the employee experience and meet corporate sustainability goals.

Partnership focused on giving back to the environment through reforestation efforts. A portion of specific products and product lines is donated to planting new trees and giving life back to our Earth.

An organization paving the way for the local food economy in the Midwest, we partnered to support over 50 different local farmers pivot their distribution during the Covid pandemic to minimize food waste and provide financially viable solutions.

An organization focused on giving people a second chance, we partner with them to provide sustainable employment opportunities.

Donated sustainable food packaging for the distribution of hundreds of meals to front line workers across Boston, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Chicago.

Sustainability runs deeper than just supplies

That’s why we also partner with organizations that commit to a brighter future through social, economic, or environmental development.

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately:


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